General Application Forms for Admissions are available.

Admission Procedure

Ankur Public School, Aligarh follows a merit based admission policy in which preference is given to students who are proficient in sports, meritorious students, excel in co curricular activities.

Admission Enquiries:
Admission Procedure:
Written Aptitude Test:
Documents needed at the time of admission:
Eligibility Criteria

The minimum age of the student, as on 31st of March should be :

Class Years / Month
1st Grade 5Yrs. 6months
2nd Grade 6Yrs. 6months
3rd Grade 7Yrs. 6months
4th Grade 8Yrs. 6months
5th Grade 9Yrs. 6months
6th Grade 10Yrs. 6months
7th Grade 11Yrs. 6months
8th Grade 12Yrs. 6months
9th Grade 13Yrs. 6months

From 6th Grade onwards the criteria is also passing the respective class satisfactorily. Transfer Certificate along with Score/ Grade Sheet would be required to substantiate the same.