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From The Desk Of Principal

On behalf of the Governing Body and the Staff of Ankur Public School, I would like to welcome you and your child to our school and hope that your child gets the best education. If you want information at any time, please feel free to ask us and we will do our best to provide information to you. I have been a Principal here; I have seen the school progress and develop as school do, as new initiatives and new technologies change the way we do things. However, what remains the same are the caring ethos of the school and the dedication of the staff, which always do their best for your child. I am very proud of our school and we hope that your child will benefit from the excellent staff and superb resources that we have. I pride ourselves on our friendly and open approach and hope that you will always feel comfortable talking to us. I look forward to meeting you at some time during your child’s career at Ankur Public School and wish you and your child every success.


Mrs. Mamta Dwivedi
M.Sc.(Biology), B.Ed.

We want to bring self belief in
a child and allow him/her to
experience the joy of discovery
and develop love for learning.